When I’m not in the garden

What do gardeners do when the garden is deep in snow? We dream about what we will do with our gardens in the spring, and we get a life, maybe. I like to play with my grandkids, go to an occasional basketball game with my husband, put my mind into teaching, read, write, and relax.

Of course this year, I get to work to recall the governor and a whole nest of vipers from our congress instead of relaxing. It started last February and will not be finished for many years to come. To undo the harm that has been done to our state will take generations, and we will never recover the lost jobs, the pain and suffering, the 800 million dollars of lost rail money, the faith of the people in our government and the corporations that have usurped the loyalties of our leaders.

I’m thinking this year may be the beginning of a new way of doing things for people all around the world. The euro is floundering, and the rest of the world economy is also showing signs of stress. It is time for a change. It is time for the empire structures to be absorbed back into the local earth communities — time for people to recognize their place in the web of life and start living within sustainable boundaries. This may sound impossible, but nature will accomplish this feat with or without the help of human society. Nature’s methods may be less humane than we might wish. On the other hand, our own attempts at curtailing population have not met with much success, or been particularly humane, either.


About julieinthegarden

I like to garden and eat vegan.
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